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  • New Obstacles for Assisted-Dying Legislation

    New Obstacles for Assisted-Dying Legislation0

    Although parliament had passed legislation on June 17th of this year, enabling sufferers of terminal illnesses to take hold of their own deaths, the bill now comes up against fresh reprimands. One particular challenge stems from the restraints surrounding Bill C- 14. It requires that a doctor may only assist a patient in dying if

  • Exercise Helps Parkinson’s Disease Patients

    Exercise Helps Parkinson’s Disease Patients0

    Parkinson’s Disease is an neurodegenerative disease with no known cause or cure. The symptoms experienced vary widely, and in different degrees and speed of progression, from person to person. While medication is essential in treating the symptoms, especially motor symptoms, research is now showing how important exercise can be as well. Although each patient is

  • Researchers Link Migraine to Vascular Disease, 38 Genes

    Researchers Link Migraine to Vascular Disease, 38 Genes0

    About a billion people around the world suffer with migraines, but researchers are still trying to sort out what causes these debilitating headaches. Now a huge study has uncovered some new facts about migraines, including evidence of migraines being a vascular disease with a link to 38 different genes. The study comes from a team

  • Exercise Can Help ADHD Symptoms

    Exercise Can Help ADHD Symptoms0

    When young men have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), doctors are likely to hand them a prescription to help control their symptoms. Now there may be a new way to improve ADHD symptoms, with researchers demonstrating that exercise can help men improve their mood and motivation. The study comes from K.M. Fritz and P.J. O’Connor


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