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At Jilard Health Digest, our goal is to help our readers improve their health and wellness knowledge while staying on top of the latest health industry news and technological innovations. As a small news agency, we bring a fresh perspective on health news that is missing in the larger publications. Our dedicated crew is¬†committed to bringing their unique perspectives to each story they write. Each of our contributors searches the globe to find unique and fascinating content our readers will enjoy digesting while our editor curates the top health information to appear in our online health magazine. With years of experience in the field and a wide variety of backgrounds, our contributors bring their own unique mindset to the world’s health news.

Jilard Health Digest began in 2012 as a tiny independent news agency called Jilard News that grew to a staff of six energetic writers sharing world news, business, technology, sports, arts, leisure, and a variety of other topics. Our love of the health industry has prompted us to change our focus to writing exclusively about health and wellness, health technology, business and the health industry. We aim to provide our readers with information about disease and other medical issues, new medical treatments, mental health information, aging and news affecting seniors, diet and weight loss, the effects of lifestyle on health, the newest drugs and medical devices, and insight into the medical industry. At Jilard Health Digest, we hope to not only provide our readers with more information about the issues directly affecting their health, but also offer them a wider perspective about the world and the health problems people face every day. While most of our articles are aimed at a general audience, we also like to inform health professionals about the latest happenings in their industry.

If our readers find an article on Jilard Health Digest that they think others can benefit from reading, we encourage them to share it through social media, by linking to our articles from their own website or blog, or by sending a link directly to friends and family. If you have any hot news tips or suggestions for topics we should cover on Jilard Health Digest, feel free to contact us. We welcome your feedback.