• Swedish Mother To Daughter Womb Transplant

    September 18, 2012– Swedish surgeons may have gone through with the world’s first successful womb transplant between a mother and daughter. The procedure should help two women give birth via the wombs that brought them life. The surgery took place at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg and was completed by over 10 surgeons to ensure everything

  • Czech Methanol Death Toll Rises To 20

    September 16, 2012– Hospital staff in the Czech republic have now stated that the death toll related to methanol in alcoholic drinks has now risen to 20. The last victim was a 63 year old man who died on Sunday after having drunk bootleg spirits tainted with methanol. After having been found unconscious at a

  • Whooping Cough Epidemic As School Starts

    September 14, 2012– State health officials fear that the worst outbreak of whooping cough in decades is only at its beginning as more than 4,000 cases are confirmed with the majority of those being infected being children. State Health Officer Dr. Maxine Hayes who also works as a pediatrician expressed his concern over the ongoing

  • Second West Nile Death Confirmed

    September 8, 2012– West Nile Virus, currently in the news due its recent reappearance in many cases, has now claimed its second death amidst fear of an epidemic. The Okaloosa County Health Department announced the death, stated as due to complications that arose in the patient after contracting the mosquito-borne virus. This is the county’s

  • 7 Year Old Contracts Plague In Colorado

    September 6, 2012– A seven year old girl whose parents thought she had caught the flu is now recovering after having becoming infected with the bubonic plague. Sierra Jane Downing, a 7 year old little girl initially began to feel ill after a family camping trip in south-west Colorado. Originally from the town of Pagosa

  • Quebec City Sees 11 Dead From Legionnaire’s

    September 2, 2012– Legionnaire’s disease has claimed yet another life in Quebec City, officials from the city’s public health board have reported. Since July, 169 people have been infected with the disease. The death follows a statement from the public health board last Friday where they reported that infections from the illness had actually seen


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