Haida Culture Film Competes for Funding

Raven Steals the Light Haida Film

The Haida creation myth “Raven Steals The Light” film is up for $10,000 in funding via the Storyhive Digital Shorts competition and needs your help to succeed.

Edmonton, Alberta, October 28, 2015 – Groove Soldier Productions has been working hard in pre-production to create the live action/animation film “Raven Steals The Light”.

Based on a Haida creation myth, this story begins with a Grandmother telling the story to her grandchildren around a campfire and then morphs into animation for the majority of the story. Near the grand finale, the film reverts back to live action and a surprise ending.

Raven Steals The Light is at a critical point in its financing and is up for funding on the Storyhive platform in the Digital Shorts category. Along with a bevy of unique and original films vying for $10,000 in funding, the producers believe that with the public’s input, the film will be successful in the competition. Fans of independent film and Canadian culture are encouraged to vote for Raven Steals The Light every day until November 9 to help secure funding for this pivotal and revolutionary art piece. Voting takes less than a minute and no registration is required. To further help the promotion of the film, voters are encouraged to share the project on their Facebook and Twitter pages via the on page links.

The Haida culture and legends are all but forgotten, except for a few living elders. It is the film’s intent to showcase the incredible art and storytelling that wove itself into the fabric of the Haida people. Saving aboriginal heritage and celebrating the richness of the Haida is paramount in the production of this very special short film.

Groove Soldier has been working very closely with creatives such as renowned illustrator Gabriel Lazarick and cutting edge animation studio Animatters on this project. The project features the voice talents of Mark Meer and Michelle Rios. A Raven Steals The Light trailer has been created which showcases the work currently done on the film.

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