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Hong Kong Tourism is on the Rise

Posted on 14. Aug, 2013 by in Healthy Lifestyle


Will it be the new travel destination?

Will it be the new travel destination?

Hong Kong had a very impressive twelve million overnight visitors to its city between Janaury and June of this year, a six month period.

That number represented a sizable 8.7 percent year-in-year increase for the heavily-populated city which had once been under British control, but is now part of China.

There is a relatively new group of tourists that has been helping to push the numbers upwards for this exciting urban playground. It is travelers from mainland China, a vast country that now has a rapidly-expanding tourist base, people that have the financial capability to travel.

Hong Kong has been a tourist destination for the first half of this year for seven million eighty four thousand people from China, a number that represents a sizable sixteen percent increase from the same six month period one year earlier.

The Hong Kong tourism Board has claimed that Chinese tourism and travel is up a whopping 19.4 percent, making this group a major target of the Hong Kong tourist industry.

At the same time, Japanese tourism to Hong Kong plummeted by nearly thirty percent, actually 29.1 percent, due largely to a very weak yen, that country’s national currency.

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