Rodriguez Sets Grand Slam Record

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez beat Lou Gehrig’s record for the most grand slams.

Alex Rodriguez, a supremely talented baseball player who is now thirty eight years old and facing a full year’s suspension for the illegal use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), had his moment of glory last night in a must-win game against the visiting San Francisco Giants.

The aging superstar and admitted steroids user, came up to bat late in the game with the score tied at 1-1 and the bases filled with Yankees. A-Rod, as he is known throughout baseball and by fans of the sport, as well, lofted an opposite field fly ball toward the “short porch” in right field. The ball carried well, cleared the fence and resulted in a grand slam for Rodriguez and a four run lead for the New Yorkers who are struggling to get into the postseason tournament.

The grand slam was the twenty fourth of A-Rod’s career, enabling him to pass former Yankees all-time great Lou Gehrig, giving him the record for the most grand slams in the history of the sport.

It was quite an achievement and it helped the home team win a game they could not afford to lose. And yet, even with that win, the Yankees, with only eight games remaining, are still three and one half games behind Cleveland and Tampa, the two teams currently leading in the Wild Card race.

It seems as if this may be a year when the Bronx Bombers miss a chance to get to the World Series.

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