Meet the Jilard Health Digest Staff Writers

The experienced writing team at Jilard Health Digest use their talents to bring you the latest health news in a heartbeat. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds to bring their unique perspective to our online news magazine. You can contact any of our writers directly by email.

Alison Crick

Alison is a veteran journalist and a mother of four. Some of her passions include stock speculation and precious metal investing. Alison graduated with an MBA and has turned her love of finances into punctual, informative articles that show her view of business events in the health industry including mergers and acquisitions and other important health business news.

Kyle Butler

Kyle is a manic sports fan that used his comprehensive knowledge authoring for newspaper sports sections. Kyle was active with his football and baseball teams in college and switched his major from kinesiology to journalism so he could carry on earning a living while remaining part of the sporting world. Now Kyle relies on his kinesiology background to focus his writing on the workings of the human body, with a special interest in arthritis and other diseases that affect movement.

Leasa Boisvert

Leasa has a Tourism Management degree and has enjoyed writing about all the unique places she has visited. Having worked part time as a travel agent has given Leasa a fresh perspective on the travel industry which she has counterbalanced with popular news including air travel and major airports around the globe. More recently, Leasa has focused on health news, with articles that touch on disease, treatments, and all other areas of health and wellness.

Bob Johnson

Bob comes from a computer background and is fascinated by new technology. Bob enjoys writing about the latest gadgets that can monitor health and treat diseases, and loves to share with others his excitement about what the future holds for health technology. Whether it is a new medical device or another health tool, Bob will tell you all about it as he keeps his finger on the pulse of the health technology industry.

Ross Cummings

Ross is the Chief of Staff and enjoys procuring a fresh news story. Ross developed from a background as a junior journalist with a British news organization and is the foundation that brings all of Jilard’s stories together. His attention is on bringing the finest, timeliest stories to the globe in an efficient, fluid manner. Ross upholds the journalistic quality of all the health articles on Jilard Health Digest and brings them all together in a comprehensive health news magazine.

Guest Writers

Samantha Walton

Jean Moses

Alexandrea Gnap

Kemi Oyinloye

Chris Sirrs

Amos Abati

Nuno Soares

Krishna Shah

Lilia Panamsky

Beverly Wilson

Other Content

Jilard Health News also shares other health stories from websites around the world. If we feel a health article meets our editorial guidelines, we may share it with the Jilard readers to help them learn more about their health and the health industry. Contact Ross if you are interested in contributing quality health articles to Jilard Health Digest.